Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hi, my name's Susan Bryan and I'm in transition year in Dublin. As part of my environmental studies course, I am doing the Geography Of The Theatre! That probably makes very little sense, but I wish to explore where the most elaborate theatres are, where a selection of different plays and musicals are based and how accurate the sets are. Along with other things of course but I would like to focus in on a few particular examples.
During my blogs I will be exploring the social and economical, as well as the actual geographical specifications of different theatres, plays and musicals.
As many of you probably already know, there are two main musical districts in the world that everyone knows: Broadway in New York and The West End in London, both of these areas are full with theatres made with materials from all over the world. Elaborate sets are made for each show and the cast will often travel on tour to other countries, but why are these such important performance areas? And what influence do they have?


  1. i have a question.... where exactly did theatre and its culture develop from initially??

  2. you have such an interesting, im going to follow you forever :)